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Priority of distributors: OBM OEM
Marketing area protection: MexyTech will issue an authorization certificate and plaque of dealership. Y N
B2B on line protect and support Y N
Preferential price and one year’s steady quote.   Y Y
Brand service: Free design and the printing of promotional brochures,small gifts Promotion,Especially package support,such as co-brand logo on the packages. Y N
 technical backup Y Y
3D design support Y Y
Prioritized promotion of new products. Y N
Prioritized lead time. Y N
Material support for stuff training,which helps new employees to have quick and better understanding of products. Y N
Sample support. Y Y
In-depth cooperation to help develop new products. Y Y
Marketing support,such assistance in setting up website,promoting online,etc. Y N
3% rebate after completion of annual assignment. Y N

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