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  • Business cooperation with MexyTech

    Lead the eco trend is the slogan of MexyTech. Wood plastic composite is made of recycled plastic and timber fiber and become a perfect substitution to real wood. Wide application of eco materials can improve the disforestation and greenhouse effect. Therefore, more and more countries promote the use of environmental materials and there is an 30% yearly increase of environmental material market. Hereby, MexyTech sincerely invite you to lead the eco trend with MexyTech.

  • Why choose mexytech

    1, 10 years experience on wpc. 1st Chinese wpc supplier directly cooperating with University for R&D.
    2, Steady production capacity and professional team work support.
    3, Find MexyTech product in over 60 countries and over 15 landmark projects. Technical team and design team can give 100% support for your business.
    4, Only 1 wpc supplier can provide one-stop purchase. You can find all product series from MexyTech.


Priority of distributors: OBM OEM
Marketing area protection: MexyTech will issue an authorization certificate and plaque of dealership. Y N
B2B on line protect and support Y N
Preferential price and one year’s steady quote.   Y Y
Brand service: Free design and the printing of promotional brochures,small gifts Promotion,Especially package support,such as co-brand logo on the packages. Y N
 technical backup Y Y
3D design support Y Y
Prioritized promotion of new products. Y N
Prioritized lead time. Y N
Material support for stuff training,which helps new employees to have quick and better understanding of products. Y N
Sample support. Y Y
In-depth cooperation to help develop new products. Y Y
Marketing support,such assistance in setting up website,promoting online,etc. Y N
3% rebate after completion of annual assignment. Y N

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