When using the old wpc decking clips for the installation, you need to:
1, prepare a gap between two decking boards
2, put the clips through the side groove from one end of the boards
3, slid the clips to the proper position
4, screw and fix the decking.
What is more, there would be one more problem by using the old clips. When expansion or contract, the gap between two ends of decking would be uneven.
In order to solve this problem and simplify the installation, we developed one wpc decking clip system. The new clip system has the dental part and side hole design. When you install the wpc decking, you just need 3 steps:
1, put the dental side to the decking side groove at the right position (middle one is the side hole clips and screw to the decking)
2, put another deck board
3, screw and fix the decking.
Because middle clips can lock t he decking boards tight to the joist, the decking can not move aside and the expansion or contract can be even.
If you have problems on the installation and the uneven gap between deck boars, please contact MexyTech for more information. Our company principle is to make the eco life easy.