When the wpc flooring was installed above the glass or the application requires a weight limit, pedestals are very necessary for the basement of flooring. The pedestal can be installed very easily, therefore it can save some labor cost. Now in order to reach the market demands and make our products more professional, we have developed a new pedestal especially suitable for composite wood decking. Here is the details for our new design.

Adjustable Pedestals

  • V-type Head

  • Coupler

  • V-type Base

  • base slope corrector

MexyTech terrace pedestals are height-adjustable from 40 mm to 1000 mm depending on the pedestal type. The quality of the materials means that they will withstand the harshest extremes of weather and UV radiation, as well as giving remarkable stability.Say goodbye to the traditional expensive complex installation.


Load bearing:2000 KG




1.Roof terraces

2.Garden terraces in stone, concrete, timber/composite decking strips…

3.Water features

4.Podiums, big tops

5.Raised technical floors for industrial applications

Plastic pedestal for composite decking application.

plastic pedestal

adjustable pedestal


Plastic pedestal for tile application.


tile pedestals adjustalbe