Q & A


MOQ of co-extrusion products
The mininum quantity of co-extrusion products would be one 20 feet container. Because this product require two extrusion machine at the same time for the double layered design, the production cost is much higher than traditional products. If you want some more information, please contact us.


Q:Why MexyTech is my best choice?

A:MexyTech CO.,Ltd have been in eco business for more than nice years.Nowadays,MexyTech have 20 production lines and a R&D testing lab.Moreover,we are experienced in exporting oversea so that we have full of confidence to supply the wpc goods to you with high quality and best price.

Q:What’s MexyTech’s advantage?

A:1.Good quality:MexyTech own a R&D lab and we will test every batch of products to make sure that our products are first-class.

2.Controllable delivery time:we get 20 production lines for different models.

3.Outstanding service:MexyTech believe customers oriented principle, so we will make sure our clients can get 100% support from us.

4.Complete product system:MexyTech provide all accessories and fittings for our products. Our clients can DIY with our installation guide.

5.Company backup:all kinds of certificates,installation guides,job-reference for clients.

Constituents of composite wood
Set an example of PE-wpc materials, the constituents of composite wood would be shown below:
Recycled HDPE (recycled from waste household electric appliances): 28-33%
Plant fibre powder (wood meal and rice husk powder): 48-53%
Inorganic powder: 8-10%
Pigment: <1%
Others: 1-2%

How Is The Packing Of The WPC

Because it will take a long time for delivery before the customers getting the products, the packing is very important to the protection. Now, we will use steel pallets for packing due to easily for unloading. Moreover, for special orders, we will use iron band for packing and air bags to prevent packing falling.

What is Color Grain wpc decking

Color grain wpc decking is a new wpc decking which can provide more beautiful appearance. We use a special technique to create some natural wood grains onto the wpc decking. Compared to the traditional wpc products, the new design will be more natural and more duration. I am sure that this new product will become a new trend for wpc business.

How to check the quality of wpc with naked eyes ?

1, you can check the cross section to see if the raw materials can mix well.

2, you can smell the wpc boards to see if there are any pungent odors.

3, feel the texture and see if it is hard and solid.

4, check the toner concentration to see if it can reach the standard.

5, examine the cross section to see if the structure molds well.

What will occur if a chemical or gasoline is spilled on Mexywood ? 

Mexywood produced with a non-chemical reactive polymer base. This is the same plastic used to hold chemicals found in your local grocery store.Any chemical or gasoline must be removed immediately to prevent the cellulose fiber from staining.
Will color fade because of exposure to the sun ?
ULTRA-VIOLET inhibitors have been added to Mexywood to reduce color fading due to extensive sun exposure.A slight change in color will occur but will retain this lighter shade through out the life of the product. Please refer to the  color chart for color changes.
Is Mexywood really maintenance and paint free ? 
Yes! The Mexywood Color is all the way through the material. Because Mexywood sheds water naturally it never needs waterproofing, painting, staining and will never rot, crack, decay, split or splinter. When installed correctly there will be no maintenance other than periodic cleaning.
What is WPC?
WPC is short for wood plastic composite. WPC is a composite material lumber or timber made of recycled plastic and wood wastes and it is a zero-pollution material can be successfully replace the application of real wood.
Compared to real wood, what is the advantages of WPC?
Shortly speaking, WPC not only has better mechanical properties, weathering resistance, color fastening, chemical stability and low heavy metal content , but also is water-proof.
Are Mexywood’s products easy to maintenance?
Yes, our products are never rot, crack, decay, split or splinter. Therefore you just need some normal maintenance by sweeping and scrubbing the floor or by using a garden hose. You can have more info visiting the subdirectory (clean) in our website.
Will color fade because of weathering?
Unlike real wood, our products have great color fastening performance. The color will just fade a little at the beginning of three months, and then the color will become very stable for later application.
Are Mexywood’ products easy to install?
Definitely. Our customers can find all fitting and hardware in Mexywood. Also you can download the materials of installation from our website. We are pretty sure that our products can meet your DIY request.
How about the application of WPC?
Traditionally, WPC materials are used for decking and wall panels. These days, WPC materials are widely applied in different areas: blind, ceiling, furniture, handrail, fencing, windows and doors. While we believe the application ofWPC will beyond these in the future.
Definition of wpc materials
The raw materials are mainly wood fiber, poly materials and processing agents. Extrusion technique is used to produce this new eco material which can be a substitution for real wood because of its wood-like texture and performance. WPC is short for wood plastic composites.
Wpc decking provide similar processing properties to real wood. Therefore, normal tools can be used for cutting, sawing, nailing. At the same time, the water-proofing performance makes wpc to be a durable outdoor building material.